Firecracker Co-Ed Volleyball Info & Registration

WHEN:  Sunday, July 2–11:00 AM registration/captains’ meeting/ 12:00 PM games start. All times Eastern.

WHERE:  Otwell Ruritan/Community Center grounds next to the Community Center in Otwell, IN

PLAY:  4 vs 4 co-ed double elimination tournament open to anyone

Best of 3 games per match, games played to 21; win by 2 with rally scoring; 1 hour time limit per match.

COST:  Registration is $15 per player. Deadline for registration is Thursday, June 29.

TEAMS:  Must be co-ed and have both a male and a female on the court at all times.

WEATHER:  Playing rain or shine unless severe weather. Courts will be on grass.

WAIVER:  All players must sign a waiver. Anyone under 18 must have a parent sign as well.

RULES:  Teams will self-referee games. Any disagreement and the point will be replayed.

Normal outdoor volleyball rules apply. Teams keep their own score.

Coin flip determines serve and side at the start of each match. Switch sides between games.

Serve underhand or overhand. No jump serves. Side rotation is clockwise.

No drinks, food, or tobacco products allowed on court during play.

PRIZES:  Prizes will be awarded to top teams.

REGISTRATION: Teams may register as soon as they want. Only accepting 16 teams; teams will be seeded as they register on a first come, first serve basis. Payment expected when registering and non-refundable.

Contact (812)789-3705 to register by phone or text.

Spectators are invited to attend at no cost. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets for seating.

Come celebrate the 4th of July weekend and play some volleyball!