Aaahhh…Love Those Fireworks!

Aaahhh…Love Those Fireworks!

Everyone loves to see the beautiful fireworks that light up the night sky after a fun day on the 4th of July. Ever wonder what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s your chance…


Spectacular Fireworks!

Actually starts as this…

All neatly packaged and ready for the show

It’s a pretty interesting process the guys go through in order to get the fireworks from packages to just the right spot in the sky for us to enjoy. It’s also a very expensive endeavor; as anyone who has ever bought fireworks of any size can attest, they’re pretty pricey. Then there’s the safety factor. These guys don’t light these electronically…they light them manually. So a team effort is essential. Thanks, guys, for making the skies beautiful for all of us as the traditional closing of the annual festivities.


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