2017 Southern Indiana Farm Stock Pullers Rules and Regulations


  1. RPM:  3000 RPM limit.   Working RPM sensor required with single magnet pickup.  Female AC outlet required for box to plug into. ANY reading over 3000 rpm results in
  2. Fuel: Stock fuel for make and model.  NO pressurized containers (nitrous, propane, CO2, alcohol).   First offense results in DQ of event.  Second offense results in DQ for 1 year.
  3. Hitch:  Max hitch height 20 inches.  Angle of hitch not to exceed 15 degrees. Hitch no less than 18 inches from center of rear axle to hitch point.  Hole diameter 3 x 3.5 inches.  Drawbar thickness may not exceed 2 inches.
  4. Front Weight bracket:   Front weight bracket may extend 13 feet max measured from center of rear axle (excludes tow hook).
  5. Frame: Stock frame for make and model.
  6. Tires:   Max tire limit is 20.8 x 38.  Max rear tire width 96 inches outside to outside measurement.  Top cuts allowed (no alteration to front edge of tires).  Double cuts allowed  in P pump open classes only.  No dual tires.
  7. Exhaust:  Straight exhaust, NO curved stacks.  **crossbolts recommended
  8. Turbo: Single turbo, no multiple turbos
  9. Weights:  Weights must be secure.  Any falling weights during green flag pull results in
  10. Any unsecured part of tractor that falls during hook results in
  11. If horn is in operation, any blowing after 150 feet results in   If digital readout is in use, anything over posted limit at ANY time during hook results in DQ.  Test puller MUST make legal pass to qualify for rehook.
  12. Minimum driver age:  For insurance purpose, drivers must be 16 years of age.
  13. Test puller may drop to 3rd hook if so desired.
  14. Top 3 tractors subject to reweigh and inspection if so desired by event promoter.
  15. Open tractors must have air shutoff, dump valve, and seat belt. Additional safety equipment recommended.
  16. Classes to be offered:  Naturally aspirated (no turbo), 8 mph, 10 mph, 12 mph, 14 mph, Open A pump, and Open P pump.  Pull promoter may determine weights of classes.
  17. No suspension front ends
  18. PROTEST: Individual or group of individuals may protest a tractor that they suspect is in violation of rules.  Must be specific on which rule they are protesting.  Fee for protest is $250.  If tractor passes then they keep the fee.  If tractor does not pass, fee is returned to those protesting.  Driver is then disqualified from event.  The tractor is subject to reinspection at next pull before event to be allowed to compete.  First offense: disqualified from event.  Second offense: disqualified for 1 year.  During protest inspection, driver and protester along with 3rd person to be present.  Failure to comply to protest results in DQ.

Rules are voted in for a period of 3 years, effective 2-19-17. If a safety issue arises, rule may be revisited or if 75% of group would like to vote on a specific rule.