It Takes a Village–And We Have a Wonderful One!

The members of the Jefferson Township Ruritan Club can’t begin to thank the many of you that worked so hard before, during, and after the July 2-3-4 celebration. Left to the members alone, it just couldn’t be done. When a town of 400 swells to a town of approximately 2000+, it’s all hands on deck. The many volunteers, young and old, that pitch in with pies, cakes, a broom, a tractor, etc.,  and their valuable time are priceless folks. We had another very good year–the weather even cooperated pretty well! We made new friends with our new sponsors for the tractor pull–Lucas Oil, the demo derby–Hard Knox, and the wonderful Charley Ryan ( made a trip to Otwell to sing the National Anthem beautifully and has already offered to come back and volunteer her time once again next year. How’s that for neat? She’s also a fan of the famous ice cream…we’ll make sure she gets her share again next year.

Thanks to all our Ruritan brothers and sisters who came to visit with us July 4– President and Mrs. Bobby Burton, Grover and Mrs. Burkett, and Marilyn Bledsoe. Please know you’re welcome to come see us anytime!

The yard at the Community Center/Ruritan is looking a little bare again…but the memories will linger on…thanks to you all!

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